Passion, Inspiration, Conception, Creation.

I draw. That’s what I do.

As long as I can remember I have loved to draw. I create in other mediums and have been refered to by others as a rennasiance man, but pencil and paper is my first love and passion. The things I am passionate about I like to draw. Music, sports and sneakers are three things that I have had around me for most of my life and naturally I find myself expressing this on paper.

The art displayed on this site is just a small sampling of my personal portfolio but what I wanted you to see. Drawing has always been a “side thing” for me as an adult, not my bread and butter, but I believe you should do everything you want to with no excuses. And now I just want to draw. I want to create and earn my living doing what I love.

CGTrader Digital Art Competition

Paint & Sip

Experience a social painting event where I teach you step by step to paint while entertaining you all along the way.

Contact me for a quote (click the icon to the left to email me)

Contact me for a quote (click the icon to the left to email me)

Jack of All Trades, Master of Some

I like to immerse myself in a variety of experiences and try different things. People should not limit themselves. I am a firm believer that you can become proficient and masterful at anything you put your mind and heart to if you are willing to put in the time and energy.

“My Process with the iPad Pro”

People always ask my process, or how did I make a piece. I am trained in Fine Art and always disliked digital art. I felt like it was “cheating”. All of my work prior to 2017 was done with , charcoal, pencil, colored pencil or paint. In February of 2017 I purchased an ipadpro and it changed my whole perspective and approach to art and digital art. Now when someone asks and I tell them I made it on an ipadpro they dismiss it like its not legitimate art, but it is and so much more. The new tablets, ipadpro and surface pro have pressure sensitive “pencils” that feel like and work like the real thing. I was skeptical at first, but I could still hand draw and color EVERYTHING with different brush and pencil tools and a full color palette. I could do this without having to replenish my supplies or have to carry bulky tools and paper around. I am able to get the exact colors that I can’t find in a pencil or have a hard time blending consistently. My process and technique is exactly the same as when drawing and painting except its all done with the Apple Pencil.  Another benefit and revolutionizing aspect of this new tool, is the fact that I can zoom in as far as i need to to detail. You can’t zoom in on paper or canvas. You need to work big to be able to get that same feel and ability to get the small details. I can do this now and I can take it anywhere. Before I would spend 10-30 hours completing a piece, now all my pieces can take 40- 100+ hours, because I can get so lost in detail. One con is that when you are finished with a piece you don’t have that tangible piece until you print one. But you can print any size on many different mediums to your liking. So the art that I am currently creating and selling is considered “digital illustration”. It is still 100% hand drawn, detailed and colored.

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