About Me.

I have been a professional illustrator and visual artist for over 20 years.

Although I’ve loved to draw as long as I can remember, I didn’t really get good until Jr. High. I started seriously thinking of a Career in art sometime in high school, when I started doing commission portraits of the athletes at my school. The year after I graduated high school (c/o 96) I started as a professional artist selling prints of my art and t shirts on an art and wine festival circuit and displaying pieces in local gallery shows . I received my formal training in traditional illustration from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco Ca. Over the years I  have been involved with the Pittsburg Arts Collabrative  curating, hanging and displaying mine and others art (P.A.C.O. Pittsburg, California), art director at the East County Boys and Girls Club, hung and curated my own show In a  one month display at SOMAR bar in Oakland Ca for “Friday art Crawl”, and displayed my art in “First Fridays” in San Jose. I have sold prints of my original artwork since 1997. Over the past 20 years I have done custom mural, portrait, t shirt and logo designs for individuals, businesses and various local organizations.  I have also donated designs, time and materials to my children’s schools,  local businesses, youth sports organizations and local community organizations.


In 2013 i obtained the license for Paint Nite (HQ in Boston Mass.), a social painting experience where participants come to paint and drink while being led step by step and entertained at the same time. I manage a team of artists in my local area and hosts my own events around the San Francisco Bay Area. I have helped raise over $50,000 to charitable causes through Paint Nite Fundraisers. In 2015 I was named entertainer of the year with paint Nite and have received several awards and accolades.

I am a father of three boys (one in college one in middle school and one in elementary) in the San Francisco Bay Area. I  love to cook, read and study the unconventional, ride my motorcycle, spend time at the range and coach youth sports in my local area.